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Google translation of article

The following is a Google translation of this Finnish newspaper article dated Jan 19 2010, it is a bit garbled but you should be able to make some sense of it

Web racism and hate crimes is to eliminate the new provisions

19.1.2010 11:31 | Updated: 19.1.2010 16:55

Racist crimes do not want to be greater effort to root out. Justice Ministry working group proposes that racism in addition to other influences, could constitute grounds for more severe.

For example, ill-treatment would result in more severe penalties for the ordinary, if the agent is irritated by the victim's sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief.

Racist motive as an aggravating circumstance has been since 2002. Task Force concluded that police records of racist motives up quite often, but the right judgments, they appear less frequently.

"Motive is often difficult to obtain evidence. The current act is ambiguous and therefore problematic, says task force member," state prosecutor Mika Illman.

The committee submitted its report to Minister of Justice Tuija Brax for (vihr.) in Helsinki on Tuesday.

The committee proposes the law Also, changes that would facilitate the Internet, the lack of racism. By law to make it clear that the mere provision of internet links to racist websites can be incitement to ethnic.

The law would introduce a new criminal offense outrageous incitement to ethnic. As such could be considered such as incitement to genocide in terrorism or the purpose of establishing a murder.

Aggravated kiihottamisrikos would provide up to four years in prison. Today, incitement to ethnic or can bring up to two-year sentence.

Racist arguments presented especially a lot of online chat rooms, where the dialogue can revitellä name brands shelters. For example, Cello ampumistapaus triggered an avalanche of racist messages.

Brax the consultation is to consider how the debate would clarify the liability of officers of columns. Magazines are responsible for the website, but the so-called free sites in the lively discussions taking place, of which no one shall be held responsible in general.

"What should be done to communities that do not remove the racist messages even if they are repeatedly invited to," asks Brax.

According to a presentation to the Community could be held liable as a racist crime, such as agitating, or discrimination. In this case, would be a corporate penalty.

Legislative Council Ilari Hannula that racist attitudes can easily lift their heads, especially during the recession.

"Hate crimes and racism are on the increase. The attitudes should be affected at all levels, including criminal law," Hannula said.

The Working Party recalls that freedom of expression must not trample on the name of anti-racism. The law should specify the areas in which freedom of expression is particularly secure. These are the science and art as well as current and historical events coverage.

"The supplier liable for the other statements in interviews given to endanger the freedom of expression and not to debate the use of socially significant issues", the group says.

Reforms put forward by the Working Group is expected to enter into force by the spring of next year. Reforms in the Finnish legislation into line with the EU made solutions.


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